Become an Artist

Mixart is a collective of curated photographic art from Photographers and Artists who specialize in creating high quality modern art themed at specific locations. Our brand and style is high quality photographic prints with a modern twist. We target customers who want a high quality product who have a passion for travel or just love where they live. Whether you're a photographer, influencer, or a traveler who has captured unique photos at a specific location, we'd love to see your work and see if we can work together.

Our brand embraces the concept of "Travel art doesn't have to look cheezy". Our customers range from local businesses to real estate staging to AirBnBs to high end customers that just love where they live.

How it works

We accept applications from both photographers and graphic designers. Once you become an official Mixart artist, we'll take your photos, apply graphical treatments from our template library (or just showcase your photos on their own) and feature your work as an official artists in our community.

Our artists submit their digital files, and we do the rest:

  • We take your high resolution photos, and get them prepared for large scale printing
  • In most cases, to suit our brand style, we'll create variations with typographic treatments that suit your photo
  • We then sell variations of these product as photo, canvas, and framed prints that sell on our own website, and stores on Amazon, Etsy, and Facebook.
  • We take online orders, fulfill them with printing companies, and even arrange shipping
  • Every 60 Days we send commission to our artists along with sales reports so you can see how your products are doing. 
  • Your success is our success, so it is in our best interests to invest our time and energy into helping our artists succeed


  • What about legal stuff?
    Artists sign an agreement that gives us permission to print and sell your work. We will only ever sell your images as agreed. You retain all copyright, ownership and rights to sell, display, and distribute your work however else you wish.
  • How else will I benefit?
    We'll display an artists profile on our website. We'll promote your art and our prints on our social media. Our customer will also have ways to "View all artwork by you" in our website.
  • How much can I make?
    It depends on how successful your artwork is. We don't have any hidden fees or mysterious hidden commission. It's a simple process. We'll share the details in the application process. We aim to be fair, and treat all artists equally.


  • We market our brand across all types of social media and online advertising
  • We often run ads to promote specific pieces and target very specific audiences that may be interested in your art
  • We sometimes advertise in local magazines travel publications
  • Your artwork may appear in these ads, but only as long as your are selling your artwork through us

Submit an application

We're currently accepting early applications. We are looking for photographer and artists who have a diverse portfolio imagery across many locations. Our goal is to have artists that collectively represent every state in the US, then we'll be expanding to locations in other parts of the world.