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Meet our Artists

Award-winning Artists finally offering prints you can afford

Mixart was founded on the concept that many leading photographers don't have a means to easily offer their work to the world. We talked to many leading photographers that have gained award-wining recognition and exposure creating some of the most stunning images you may have already seen on Instagram or across the web.

If you've come across stunning images of your favorite places and thought "I would love this on my wall", you likely also thought you'd never be able to afford these stunning images from such high-end photographers. The truth is that many of these photographers are also struggling to get people to reach out and take the steps to purchase their photography.

This is where Mixart comes in. Our artwork is a collective of carefully curated designs from photographers that are proud to offer their work online to help you celebrate your favorite locations.


Mick Gow
Mick Gow
Photographer/Designer and founder of mixart.com

Mick Gow is a landscape photographer based in southern California. His background in design and art led him to find ways to combine photography and typography to transform wall art into beautiful modern statements. His photography has won accolades and featured in various magazines, puzzles, and advertising media. His style takes photography to an art level that embraces vibrant color and dramatic scenery.

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Website: photo.mickgow.com
Instagram: @micktographer



Kenneth LeRose

Kenny LeRose

Starting out in the fitness world as a model, Kenneth has evolved his photography skills to capture many different styles of photography. Kenny's passion has led him to be able to live an artist's dream, whereby he traverses the open road and lives out of an Airstream with his best furry friend (Sabu), which he has been doing full time now as of January 2018.  He travels all over the continent in a tiny home on wheels in search of life's and time's most beautiful moments.

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Website: krlgallery.com
Instagram: @krl_photo



Alexa Hope
Photographer & Olympus Ambassador

Alexa's love affair with photography began decades ago on a cross country roadtrip with her family. She remembers walking along the rim of the Grand Canyon, armed with a hand me down Nikon, watching the sun set and, later in the season, standing at lower Yellowstone Falls watching it come up thinking, “I want to fill my life with this beauty.” If you’re lucky there’s a moment when the land, light, and colors come together and it is awe inspiring. Chasing that feeling is what has always driven her passion for photography.

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Website: alexahopephotography.net
Instagram: @alexahope



Jess Santos
Photographer & Sony Alpha Ambassador

Jess Santos is a wanderer at heart, constantly on a road trip to anywhere. She spends most of the year adventuring in the Wild West chasing the vibrant colors of desert landscapes and the distant glow of the Milky Way. Although she calls Las Vegas home, she is always excited to explore and photograph new and different ecosystems, she is especially fascinated with life in extreme environments.

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Instagram: @missjessbess



Zach Doehler
Photographer/Visual Artist

Zach Doehler is a landscape photographer and digital artist from British Columbia, Canada. He has been doing photography professionally since the beginning of 2019 and has loved every second of it. Zach enjoys being outside exploring the outdoors while also capturing beautiful scenery. He loves the process of post-production and it has thus played a vital role in the development of his artistic style.

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Instagram: @calibreus
Website: https://www.calibreus.ca/



Katarina Bates

Kate was born and raised in Indonesia and has been living in the USA for over 20 years, mostly in Orange County, CA. She got into photography about three years ago when she started hiking and spent more time outdoors. She always find it magical to be around nature; beach, mountains, rivers, lakes, the sky, sunset, and clouds. Everything related to nature makes her feel free and connected, and that’s when she realized that she wanted to capture that awe moment and share it with others. She’s hoping to inspire others to go outside and be in nature too.

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Instagram: @bellariana
Website: https://www.bellarianaphotography.com/



Tasha Ellerbeck

Born and raised in Washington state, Tasha Ellerbeck grew up immersed in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She’s not afraid to hike solo in the dark if there is a chance of magical light sweeping across the land. Being near mountains and the ocean makes her heart sing and her creativity flow. Tasha calls Camano Island, WA home where she is close to the incredible geographical features WA is known for.

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Instagram: @tasha.pnw
Website: https://www.tashaellerbeck.com/