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Photo Wall Ideas & Inspiration

3 Steps You Can Take For A Designer Photo Wall

The hardest part of creating a Photo Wall is where to begin. It feels overwhelming and daunting. We're here to tell you that it doesn't need to be. 

1. Decide on a theme

Most people think "oh, cheesy family portraits". The trends today show that photo walls of personal family portraits are actually gone. Families are using their phones as a way to share family memories.

We've heard from our customers that choosing a location you're passionate about is a really great conversation starter. Bring the outdoors indoors! It's also much more personal than all those motivational quotes you see across the web saying "Live Life" or "Work Hard".

Tip: For AirBnB hosts, this is obviously a no-brainer. Showcase photos local to your area or photos that personify local lifestyles, beaches, forests, etc.

2. How many photos make a photo wall?

This is where people give up! Don't try and plan for an entire photo wall. The effort just becomes too daunting. Start with a smaller photo wall, then let it evolve and grow naturally over time. We find that starting with as few as 3 or 5 photos is plenty (The KISS approach - Keep It Simple Stupid). You may actually find that a small simple approach with less photos works just fine.

3. Choosing the right complimentary photos

This is where we can help. Just because you choose one theme like landscape photography, doesn't mean you just choose photos of where you live. Try choosing locations of places that have special memories. Perhaps you come from one city and your spouse comes from another - celebrate that! Choose locations of the different places you've lived or your honeymoon location, or your hometown. 

Below are ideas and locations using Wall Art you can purchase on our site. If you have any other ideas you want to share with us, let us know!


Washington Passion

Pick an assortment of prints from one location to create a photo wall that shows your passion for any location. Even better, inter-mingle some of your own travel photos to make it personal.

Washington Prints >

City Vs. City

If you have roots in one city and passion for another, pair some photos that show your dual love for two places. Our Bordered prints finish off with a modern look.

Bordered Grid Prints >

A Twist on Canada Pride

Some of our prints are so dramatic, that they stand alone as masterpieces. However, when you bring them together with a simple typographic overlay, it unites them as a stunning set.

Simple Type Prints >

Symbolic Retro Statements

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple, but a square boring photo doesn't cut it. Mix and match from our series of circular symbolic prints.

Circular Object Prints >

Our Photo Sets are sets of 3 or more framed prints ready to make your own photo wall