Photo Wall Ideas & Inspiration

Our Wall art allows you to showcase your passion for any location. Whether you have an empty wall or want to pair one of our prints with some existing prints, we have many ways you can showcase our prints. Below are just some ideas to get you started.


Washington Passion

Pick an assortment of prints from one location to create a photo wall that shows your passion for any location. Even better, inter-mingle some of your own travel photos to make it personal.

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City Vs. City

If you have roots in one city and passion for another, pair some photos that show your dual love for two places. Our Bordered prints finish off with a modern look.

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A Twist on Canada Pride

Some of our prints are so dramatic, that they stand alone as masterpieces. However, when you bring them together with a simple typographic overlay, it unites them as a stunning set.

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Symbolic Retro Statements

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple, but a square boring photo doesn't cut it. Mix and match from our series of circular symbolic prints.

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